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On the way to the evening's gig we saw a badger going through a gate beside the road only a mile from our house. Once it learns about the lid it will be rewarded with hazel nuts. The grebe pond has filled to overflowing after all the rain and snow this winter so maybe we will have breeding slavonian grebes once more this year.

For the past two or three years the pond has not formed properly so the grebes have stayed away.

They are one of the dominant generalist predators of other arthropods; thus affecting the composition of arthropod communities.

By strong resource competition they can affect the breeding success and nestling quality of insectivorous birds.

The main sett in the whin bushes opposite the cottage near the river where the spaniel was found is very active with fresh dung, bedding scattered at the sett entrances and at least two tunnels newly re-excavated.

No sign of the dog that is still missing (a terrier).

Wood ants form a significant part of the diet of some vertebrates e.g. They are behaviourally dominant among ants affecting the distribution and abundance of other ant species.

Their nest mounds are shared with numerous other arthropods, of which some can live only in wood ant nests (so called myrmecophiles).

Checked a couple of badger setts - one of which was completely submerged in the edge of Loch Roid. Checked another sett in the area and found at least four active tunnels. We cautiously checked out the badger hide again - anxious that all is well during the 'closed' winter period when one of the females might be pregnant and in the process of choosing the sett in which her cubs will be born. While there I noted that all the main tunnel entrances near the hide were in current use with remnants of dropped bedding on view and freshly dug spoil heaps.

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