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Story become the heartwarming: rooster royal wedding two. 19,071 notes tags: #roosterteeth #achievementhunter #roosterteeth. Himself - Host - I'm Gonna Disappoint Someone (2017) ... Menu Notes tags: #roosterteeth #achievementhunter #letsplay #ah #rt #rtchristmas #. The only surprise was that it was Ryan who fucked up***So this is inspired by a ficlet I read by spookyxray and firstnameagent on tumblr, I'll make sure to include a link to it in the notes on the fic. They created kingdoms so that they could protect themselves.

It starts, like most things with the crew do; with someone fucking up.

This is the story of how the Achievia Trading Outpost came to be and how it's residences discovered it. It’s a crazy mission, and it can’t possibly end in anything but their deaths, but Ryan finds himself agreeing anyway, if only to fill the gaping void in his life.

Prequel to Creatures of the Day Ray has a boner for the Vagabond. As he and Geoff gather the Achievement Hunters, they recruit another criminal to help with their mission: the impossibly talented and impossibly attractive, Jon Risinger.

Sun Wukong (voice) - Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back (2017) ... Sun Wukong (voice) - End of the Beginning (2016) ...

Sun Wukong (voice) - Of Runaways and Stowaways (2016) ...

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