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And different people place different meanings on the same description – language is cool, right?I told a friend I was dating someone, which to me meant that we’d been on a few dates and I liked them and wanted to see where things would go but I was still open to other people.But to my friend ‘dating someone’ meant they were my boyfriend and so he thought I couldn’t be dating someone and also still looking elsewhere.Throw into the mix if your partner has a different idea of what you are then things might get a bit messy.

Here are just some things that I’ve noticed: Will you be my girlfriend? The askee would then reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and if the answer was a yes you were officially “going out” until maybe a few months later when someone sends a “you’re dumped” text. But when you’re in your twenties things are bit more complicated.In the real world, you suddenly realize that all of your friends are getting engaged, and you’re stuck at home with your cat, losing all hope that Mr. good to know what qualities you’re looking for in an SO as you enter the real-world dating scene.You probably had a list at one point in your life that included things like tall, dark and handsome—but although physical attraction is important, we all know there’s more to a good partner than just good looks.Plus, it gave us an excuse to watch TV at 2 pm on a Tuesday because “It’s for work”.What we found was that the characters, albeit in different walks of life, were facing scenarios that most of us have or will go through in our romantic endeavors.

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